Related Portfolio

PAUSE. multimedia collage

Pause uses the new media approach to create four self-containing environments. Unlike most things on the net, these spaces demand passivity, while immersing you in video, sound, and design. Through abstraction the spaces created are both familiar and foreign, dynamic and static. The navigation for a subsequent space does not appear until you observe each loop at least once. Urban Echoes would be constructed in a similar fashion, with a stronger focus on the emotional trigger and a rooting in urban aesthetic. Additionally, the increase to seven environments will guarantee a more open and non-linear experience.

HIDDEN FLIGHT. static image collage

Hidden Flight demonstrates the translation of the collage approach to digital image. It is delivered in HTML and Javascript, and does not require Flash. The result shows that the web-art genre can be used to reinvent the delivery of content through the browser. This project uses the same conventional code of static webpages, yet provides an imaginative, interactive, and vibrant experience.

UNTITLED. photography collage

This black and white photograph has not been digitally manipulated, other than overall color correction. I have included this work to show how I interpret visual imagery in terms of collage. Even though the piece is a simple trick of reflection, each layer is significant and precisely balances the composition. Collage is not only a mix of media, but a way of imagining that leads to self-reinforcing juxtaposition.

HOLD. traditional collage

This traditional image is a collage "sketch", a quick way to form ideas out of different media. The inherent layering and interpretation of included objects perfectly translates into the use of Photoshop and other digital art tools. Urban Echoes takes this concept to entirely new dimensions -- controlled time, user input, audio, and moving image.