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This website is an archive of design and illustration work Alexey Sokolin has done between 2001 and 2006. It is a portfolio of designing and experimenting within a set of constraints, which are no longer true in modern web and application development. For example -- highly constrained and standardized screen resolution, HTML layout using tables, optimization of JPEGs to 15 kbs, etc.

I keep this site up because it says so much to me about the time it represents: a manually crafted portfolio site before we had Tumblr, the Saatchi gallery space, or WordPress. It was a work of love and craft to put this together more than a decade ago. And, excitingly, the tools have shifted and evolved.

A few lessons remain for me from this project. Regardless of the constraints imposed, good design is good design. Make smart, timeless choices about color and composition, and that will stay preserved far better than using the style of the day. Hopefully that comes through in this body of work.



The site uses an architectural concept as a metaphor for navigation. The map to the right acts as a gallery with sections that can be expored either by clicking on the rooms, or the links underneath.

In 2004, during an early test of touch-screen technology, the concept functioned very intuitively. Some of the later work in the "Experiment" section also explores ideas and thoughts that pushed on what the internet of the early 200s could do -- challenging the idea of rectangular screens, video, narratives and interaction. It was an interesting journey for me, with thoughts that remain relevant today.


The Google robot still brings this site up now and again. Here are some more recent links to see my work:

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