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 photography: the interpretation

The photo gallery contains images that showcase my way of perceiving the world, a type of interpretation that also translates into my other work. I use this medium primarily to develop and understand compositions. Many of the photos revolve around portraying static objects in dynamic and engaging ways.

In some aspects these photos approach collage. I see and place objects on separate layers - rotating myself around the object and then flattening the image in my mind. While the resulting image is by no means "abstract" (like a section title implies), my process of making the image is exactly that.

In addition to the standing gallery featured here, I showcase photography nearly daily on Urban Aesthete.


Abstract.1 - Abstract visions of the Eiffel tower and the Parisian business district. Really abstract.

Abstract.2 - A focus on escaping into the sky and into negative space. The albums here rely on the use of line and its absence.

Abstract.3 - More albums utilizing the collage approach to photography. The subject matter is an exploration of decorative shapes in life, with a highlight of Gaudi's magnificent Sagrada Familia.

Widgets - Mechanisms fetishized.

Locations.1 - My take on London, Venice.

Locations.2 - New York, Philly, Vermont.

Locations.3 - Rome, Florence, Madrid.

Compositions - An early collection of photos, where I just began discovering juxtoposing angle and line.

Monumental - Indulgent and meaty portraits of statues and monuments.

Black and White - The basics.

Any of the photos can be ordered at 8"x11" (larger sizes could result in distortion). Please email here with inquiries.