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The experimental section is a collection of thoughts presented through various media. It includes works that utilize traditional materials, static digital art, and flash animation.

The larger works have dedicated sections; the smaller projects are grouped into Graphic Poems and Media Experiments. These are also accessible through the map navigation on the right, with a small preview.

Large Projects

Veronica's Fold - The project aims to apply the new media approach to the traditional mechanics of composing a video narrative. This "poem" consists of still images, interwoven video, spoken word, music and text. Optimized for a high speed conneciton on IE, Safari and Firefox.

Pause - This composition is an abstract project that incorporates video, flash, and sound with a focus on exploration and passivity on the web. It is optimized for IE 6.0 and Safari (you shouldn't see scrolling bars).

Small Projects

Panels - A play on narrative and randomness. This four panel comic uses ambiguity and semi-abstract images to create a feeling of fable and storytelling. Each refresh of the page creates a new short parable.

Graphic Poems
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Fall at Marsh - A retro/rust design utilizing both the present of Photoshop brushes and the past of pixel editing (background).

Hidden Flight - A design using the texture of landscape. Explore the sidebar.

Kisses - We get melancholy, sometimes.

At a Fire - A design based on abstraction. For some time, this was my concept of the creative process page. The alt-text is optional.

Media Experiments
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Squares - An experiment with randomizing images using PHP. Interactive, but frustrating; use the clean up button to get the correct image. The inspiration for this work came from La Defense photos.

Destination - A small experiment in getting somewhere.

Type-Me - A wonderful result of CSS experimentation with a softly colored background graphic. This effect work on Windows IE6.

Next Steps

Echo - Proposal drafted for a Rhizome.org competition in 2005. I am likely to start this large project on my own once time is less of a commodity.